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Design development for mobile applications

One of the determining factors in the development of mobile application interface design is user friendliness. If the necessary and experienced specialists are not involved in the development, then even the most stylish and visually beautiful design may turn out to be inconvenient and will prevent the user from using the application functionally. The Webline development team employs experienced UX / UI designers whose task is to create intuitive, convenient and attractive interfaces.

The process of developing a mobile application layout in Webline

  1. We analyze the market, build goals and requirements, and also determine the uniqueness of your offer and the needs of the target audience before starting the project.
  2. With your participation, we develop a detailed technical task.
  3. We determine and agree with you how the design of the mobile application will solve the problems of users.
  4. We develop scenarios for user actions and create prototypes.
  5. We create the final layout of the mobile application and conduct a presentation of the design.

What's next? It's up to you, of course. We can offer cross-platform development with analytics connection and a guarantee of app launch in stores.

How much working time does it take from mockup to application launch

It takes us 2-3 months, taking into account the time to create a design. As a result, you will get a quality product that stands out from the competition. We can also take care of the registration of cabinets in Apple and Google, the publication of the product in the Google Play and AppStore stores. When ordering application development in Webline, you will receive comprehensive technical support for free within a month after the release of the product.

To get a consultation, leave a request on the website or call. We will answer your questions, conduct a preliminary analysis and calculate the cost of developing your project.

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