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Technical support for web projects for small and medium businesses

Technical support for Webline's clients means interaction with a personal manager, as well as specialists assigned to the project to resolve any technical issues after the completion of the project. Within a month, we provide free technical support and ensure the smooth operation of the sites, applications, systems and services developed by us.

We also provide support for third-party projects. These can be one-time jobs, where your tasks will be solved by a manager and executors who are free at the time of contact. Or you can order a monthly service.

Technical support cost

All works are evaluated individually. If we talk about monthly costs, then the complex technical support of the project costs from 2 million soums per month. With long-term cooperation, we draw up a work plan for several months in advance. We provide assistance in the development of projects and instantly respond to customer requests.

Support phone number: +998 (97) 155-84-94

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 20:00.

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